“Investing in businesses that simultaneously deliver social and financial returns has given me a front row seat on investing in scalable and sustainable enterprises that consciously solve developmental problems.”


About Me

'Tokunboh Ishmael

Impact and ESG Investor | Gender Lens Innovator and Investor | Passionate about shared prosperity and the role of gender consciousness and inclusivity for superior investment returns

‘Tokunboh Ishmael is a global voice for creating wealth and impact by unlocking the potential of businesses that provide essential goods and services that address the accessibility, affordability, and inclusion needs of underserved markets to drive shared prosperity.

She has dedicated the past two decades to the relentless pursuit of a vision:  investing in businesses that foster equity, fairness, and inclusion to create wealth and transform lives.

Always drawn to uncharted waters, she was an early pioneer of socially responsible and impact investing, especially in Africa, and a visionary who forged a path for investing in Fintechs to drive financial inclusion and injecting gender consciousness into the investment process for superior returns.

As co-founder and Managing Director of Alitheia Capital, a female-led private equity firm, she is one of the first in Africa to pioneer impact investing private equity that embodies her philosophy of profit with a purpose.  She also co-founded Alitheia IDF where she raised over $100 million to invest in female-led businesses in Africa. Some of the companies she has invested in are already changing and redefining their sector.



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